Improvers Surf Course

Included in all surf courses...

  • All equipment: wetsuits, rash vests, boards and leashes
  • Tuition by qualified surf coach
  • Full insurance


This course is designed for those who have already mastered the basics of surfing and are looking to hone their skills further.

Our instructors will have you working on your stance, paddling technique, making smoother turns and introduce you to catching green waves (un-broken waves).
Your instructor will also cover more in-depth theory on weather, waves and tides and the influence that they have on the surfer.

Previous experience

  • Mastered the basics of surfing
  • Can stand up fairly consistently in white water (broken wave)
  • Can turn left and right on white water (broken wave)

Course content

  • Re-cap on the basics of surfing
  • Beach and water safety
  • Stance and paddling techniques
  • Getting out back techniques
  • Catching and riding green waves (un-broken waves)
  • Wipe out techniques
  • Weather, wave and tide theory

We only teach in small groups, ensuring that everybody receives the correct amount of instruction, enabling you to progress as much as possible during your surf course.

Days 1 2 3 4 5 7 10
Price € 65 € 125 € 165 € 215 € 265 € 365 € 500